The Wayward Blogger

jogging-running-winter-cold-crazy-funny-ecard-glE.pngWell…I’ve been a very bad girl. I completely checked out this past week. Sorry about that.

I blame the weather.

Just in case you’ve been living under a frozen rock, we had ice and snow in Arkansas. Like up to 8 inches in some areas. In Central Arkansas, we had 3 inches, and for those of you who scoff at the small amount of accumulation, please remember, we don’t have the equipment to handle ice and snow and the people here can’t drive when the sun is shining…so imagine how well they drive when there’s a layer of ice on the road.

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Hold My Beer

Everyone has one friend who talks the into crazy things. I seem to have several but the nearest and dearest to me is my crazy sister. Sis lives for sports. She loves playing, she loves cheering, she watches the Super Bowl for the actual football. It’s craziness I tell you!

You’d think having identified this level of commitment my chubby butt would be wary of her but she also knows how to play me.

Friday I got a call “hey, what are you doing this weekend?”

“Not much, why?”(we actually like each other so I mostly assume we’re doing cool things).

“I signed up for a thing for Together We Rise, the charity that gives duffel bags to foster kids.”

“Yup, I’m in.”

THEN she told me the fundraiser was a cycling class at CycleBar

Now, there are a few things you should know about me.

  1. I’ve only been in an Emergency Room once in my life and it was a bike accident.
  2. I’m chubby but I have no butt. Not ideal for cycling.
  3. I don’t do well in classes.

It’s going down in an hour. Pray for me!

Soup Saturday

No I’m not starting a thing. on Saturdays where I only post about soup. Not that there’s anything wrong with that because I do love me some soup.  But I do think I’ll be trying out this very tasty looking recipe this weekend. Thai-Butternut-Squash-Soup-6-150x150.jpg

Thai Butternut Squash Soup

A velvety smooth and dreamy Thai Butternut Squash Soup, with a kick of Thai heat, balanced by creamy coconut cream and fragrant cilantro. Instant Pot and Stove Top instructions included!

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What have I done?

First of all, this week has been a big pile of suck. I have had a headache almost every single day, I had the chills and low-grade fever yesterday, work has been super busy so I’ve been chained to my desk, and the sky has been the same color drab for 5 days.  Let me just tell you–I’m over it.

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Waka Waka Weight Loss

Since tracking daily goals in my Hobonichi has been such a motivator I’m trying to find other trackers. I love stickers and colored pens and washi tape but I have zero actual art skills so this has been something of a challenge.

Then I discovered this gem on Facebook:

Friends, it’s a weight loss tracker.

You start with Pacman, bubble in every pound lost and every 5 pounds is a ghost.

Some might argue that it’s missing fruit…

But how awesome is this!

The Little Things

I bought a planner last year. It’s a cute little book approximately the size of a 4×6 index card called the Hobonichi Techo. 

I found it online and decided I had to have it even though I have a perfectly good smart phone with a calendar. The Hobonichi is tiny, handy, and it forces me to focus. There is a month-view and daily pages but at the front they include a daily tracker. I’d never used a tracker like this, I find it’s a big motivator.

At the top of each column you label your goal and each day you achieve your goal you color in the box. I adore coloring in boxes.

Last year I set a bunch of unreasonable goals and was frustrated by my failures, this year I’ve learned. There are 10 total and I include easily-achieveable goals along with some harder ones. I could easily make these all about diet and weight loss but if I focus on just one thing in my life it depresses me so I’m mixing it up a bit.

  1. Orange- eat an orange a day. I eat fruit daily but I read somewhere that oranges are particularly great for allergies. I’m willing to give it a shot for a month or two.
  2. Plank- I’m not putting a time on this, I’ll track that separately. I just want to give planking a try daily even if it’s just for 10 seconds. The logic is as I get stronger that plank time will continue to improve.
  3. Stairs- We have stairs at work and an elevator. I love elevators a little too much. My goal is to take the stairs whenever stairs are an option.
  4. FC2- Blog here or post an photo. Something that brings me back to this page and reminds me daily that I have a goal.
  5. No fast food (including coffee runs). This is a tough one for me, especially right now. January is my busiest month at work and buying fast food is so easy.
  6. No spending at all. This is much harder for me. Did I mention I bought an awesome calendar I didn’t *need*? I am curious to see how many days a month I don’t actually spend any money at all.
  7. Fork this- I’m making a pledge to use plastic utensils and plastic bottles as little as possible this year. Ordinarily I go to the Dollar Tree, buy a pack of plastic utensils and burn through those when I forget to pack utensils in my lunch. I also used to keep a flat of water under my desk. Then I read an article that said every piece of plastic ever created is still on the planet. Packing reusable utensils and carrying a stainless bottle instead of a plastic one is pretty easy and saves me some cash. Win-win.
  8. 8 glasses of water daily. Everyone has one really great habit they discount because it’s “easy” for them. I have always been really great at hydration so this is a cheat goal for me but also a motivator. One column on the tracker is guaranteed to be filled in daily, it motivates me to want to fill in the other columns to match.
  9. Track food. Mindless eating is my #1 downfall. I’m not setting a calorie or points goal, I just want to track everything.

Those are my daily goals. I’ll post a progress photo once a week to show how I’m doing.

Have you set any goals for the year?

Now the Work Begins

motivation fairy

Yesterday was almost easy despite the bitter cold. I got my 10,000 steps in, I logged my food, bought my groceries for the week, and launched this blog.

But I was off work. Today? Not so much.


Like many of us, I have a desk job. But when I’m super busy (most days lately) I barely have time to go to the bathroom, much less get up once an hour and walk for 250 steps. My Fitbit dutifully reminds me at the end of every hour between 9 and 4 to get up and walk if I haven’t hit 250 steps that hour, and I dutifully ignore it to take another call. Most days, by the time I leave the office, I’m barely over 2000 steps. After 8 hours! That’s not healthy and it certainly doesn’t make me happy.

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